Tru Calling Videos

NEW! A Tru Calling overview, focusing on Tru's struggle with her gift.

Size - 37 MB
Length - 3:03 minutes
Song - World on Fire Sarah McLachlan


A look into the rivalry between Tru and Jack, from Tru's point of view. The song was too fitting and I just couldn't resist.

NOTE: This is my very first non-BtVS/Angel video! It's from the incredible show, Tru Calling. Feedback and critique is encouraged for this video because it's a whole new fandom for me. I also want to thank Sassykitten for giving me permission to use this song (she recently made a kick ass Angel/Darla video to it and I didn't want to step on her toes ;)).

Size - 24.6 MB
Length - 4:20 minutes
Song - Wild by Poe